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CMEF Autumn 2019 at Qingdao



CMEF Autumn 2019 at Qingdao

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In 2019, with the joy of celebrating the 70th anniversary of the motherland, the 82nd China international medical equipment (autumn) expo was held in Qingdao world expo city from October 19 to 22, 2019. It is a great honor for Emborio (Shanghai) co., ltd. to participate in the expo as a member of the German delegation.


During the exhibition, amborro exhibited two representative medical beds and nightstands from Volker, a German brand, which attracted a large number of visitors to stop, experience and negotiate

Because it was made in Germany, it has always been the image of seriousness. Voelker has always insisted on using only Germany as its production base and localized raw material supply for the development and production of medical beds. All the special items, including the motors independently produced by Voelker, are timely rationed and delivered in an efficient rotation mode.

Exhibited through our medical bed, let more groups to understand not only the hospital can use this medical apparatus and instruments, applies to the use of many rehabilitation nursing institutions, can build a comfortable atmosphere of patients recover as soon as possible, and to win more time for nursing personnel and child have, can give patients more concern and care.

Although the curtain of this CMEF exhibition has come to a close, the road of Volker medical bed care in Germany will continue, and all our clients are invited to enjoy our exhibition in Shanghai national convention and exhibition center in April, 2020.You are welcome to visit our booth.

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CMEF Autumn 2019 at Qingdao